Instagram strategy for business: a must-have

In 2021, Instagram had 1.2 billion users from all corners of the globe, generating millions of posts, likes and comments every day. In fact, we could have predicted this great success as soon as it went online on October 6, 2010, as the application was downloaded 25,000 times on that first day. Since then, Instagram has expanded its scope of expertise to offer efficient tools to businesses. That's why maximizing use of your IG business page is truly essential.

Accessible professional tools

The professional tools offered on the app are the main reason why optimizing your business Instagram page is so useful, as your audience can see your store, your email address, your domain name and even the link to your website under your brand name.

A store on Instagram?!

When you open an account in professional mode, you can display your products in the store section. Customers select the items they want and are redirected to your website to complete their transaction. In addition, your subscribers can see the prices, descriptions and other details to purchase items.

What type of information can you incorporate?

You can also mention your field of expertise in the information on your company page. For example, if you offer advertising and marketing services, it is possible to add it under your name to let your potential clients know. Your can also include your email address to offer the audience a simpler path to your services. In this perspective, putting directly the link to your website clearly guides users towards you.

Page statistics

From your page, you can analyze important data on interactions, accounts reached and new subscribers. With the help of these statistical tools, you will be able to evaluate which types of content your audience prefers. Advertising is also a solid option to reach a wider audience.

An active and engaged audience

With a daily audience of 11.5 million users per day, Instagram is fertile ground to grow your business. With the likes, comments, and user sharing features, you will not only see immediate feedback on your content, but also know what is needed to improve in order to succeed. You'll connect and interact better with your followers and reap the rewards of all your hard engagement work.

How can you build your audience?

There are several ways to build your audience. Indeed, you can use hashtags under your publications to appear in image banks that match a common theme. For example, if an individual is interested in cats, by searching #cat, he will come across a multitude of cat images and information. On the other hand, collaborating with an influencer or influencers remains a great option to reach a wider audience.

Promotion by paid influencers

Want to expand your audience further and promote your business differently? Social media influencers are there for that. You just need to select them according to your needs and your brand.

Who are they?

Influencers are individuals who work mainly on social networks. They have already acquired a strong engagement with their followers and they maintain their page regularly. Therefore, they have excellent knowledge of the platforms they work with. Often, companies pay them to promote their products or services. They usually focus on specific areas of interest such as fashion, beauty, outdoors, travel, family, etc.

How do you select an influencer?

It is important to collaborate with the right influencer depending on the area(s) of interest they cover, so a little research is in order since the person you choose will embody your brand through their personality, their looks and their words. Also, these creators tend to specialize in a specific type of content: do you want them to produce video or photo content for you? And in what style should this content be presented: more dynamic, informal or humorous?

In short, dare to broaden your horizons with the help of the social media influencer community. You will certainly receive a good return on your investment!