Here's What It Takes to Work at a Marketing Agency

Many people want to work for a marketing agency, but would it be a good fit for you? If you're starting your marketing career, you have three different options: working for yourself (freelancing), working in-house at a company, or working at an agency.

Agency life is often described as difficult, tiring, and exhausting, with loads of overtime and hair-pulling pressure. But many marketing agencies are great places to work, offering excellent opportunities for growth and fulfillment. Trust us, the idea that working for an agency means a terrible quality of life is now a thing of the past!

So what's the actual reality of working for an agency? Here are the 8 skills most sought-after by employers in agencies, and the awesome things that could soon be part of your everyday life.

The 8 Most Sought-After Skills

In order to choose an employee who adapts well to the pace of an agency, here are the personality traits that would make the perfect candidate!

1. Creativity

Creativity is necessary in the world of marketing and communications. The competition is strong and we need to stand out. You've probably heard the expression "think outside the box" before and that's exactly what you'll need to do to succeed in marketing. But for us, we prefer to go even further and say "think like there's no box"!

2. An analytical mind

You'll probably need to deal with a lot of complex, information-packed documents and it's important to be able to identify what's really relevant to the marketing strategy in place. Sometimes, it's like a puzzle where your job is to put all the pieces in the right order, but it's so satisfying to present a clear and precise action plan!

3. Good communication

You'll be working in a team environment most of the time. Whether it's with your clients, suppliers, or colleagues, by email or in person, it's important to be able to express your ideas clearly. There are many communication skills to learn along the way, but luckily, you'll always have experienced colleagues to help you out when you need it.

4. Great time management

Deadlines are often tight and, sometimes, unforeseen circumstances arise. That's why you need to keep your cool and tackle a project one step at a time. When in doubt, your colleagues will always be there to support and advise you—you're not alone! Agency work is first and foremost a team effort.

5. Multitasking / Managing priorities

You'll rarely have only one project on the go. You'll need to keep an eye on many things at a time and follow up on several mandates promptly. You must be organized and able to move from one project to the next with ease. If you like variety and want your work to be stimulating, this is the right place for you. There's never a dull moment!

6. Staying up-to-date on trends

The marketing world is constantly changing at a rapid pace. Depending on your interests, you'll probably want to keep up with the latest design trends, the hottest industry ideas, the newest technology, and so much more. If you're naturally curious, the agency world is a perfect fit for you.

7. Organizational skills

As mentioned above, working at an agency involves managing several projects at the same time. In order to not feel overwhelmed, being organized and using project management tools, for your own work or as a team, is essential. Several platforms are available and can help you efficiently manage your tasks and follow-ups.

8. Being easily adaptable

At an agency, you'll have to work with a lot of different personalities and, depending on your clients, people from a wide variety of business backgrounds. This can be very stimulating and rewarding. Working with people from different walks of life can teach you so much!

A Cool Environment

If you like to innovate and be stimulated, are curious, love challenges, and hate routine, this is certainly the kind of job you'll love! Working at an agency is ideal for creative and autonomous people. It's an environment that's constantly changing, evolving, and following trends.

On the social side of things, we have happy hours from 4 to 5 (or 6… or 7!) on Thursdays, team dinners where we talk about anything and everything, unique team-building outings, and weekly project follow-up meetings. This ensures everyone's always on the same page and helps us avoid an overload of work.

Want to take a chance and work within a dynamic and unconventional team? Apply at Comunika! Who knows, you may find your perfect career match!