Building appeal, shaping anticipation

Strategy, Branding, Design & Creativity, Web Development, SEO, Public Relations, Video Production, Photography

Our core challenge was to build excitement for the launch of the next-generation MARK-3® Watson Edition pump.

Following years of R&D, engineering and testing, Comunika helped demo the prototype to key customers across North America. The stylishly branded “Watson Tour”, supported by a suite of original communication tools, helped generate excitement for the product's upcoming launch. We also trained product ambassadors with the social media know-how to share their experience during The Watson Tour.

Our tactics

  • Create outstanding branding for the MARK-3® Watson Edition pump, including
  • Provide product ambassador support, including
  • Develop corporate communication materials, including

The results

Create emotion and end-user buy-in to excite people about the new edition of an industry-leading product

  • Successful, multi-purpose, multi-audience use of the MARK-3® Watson Edition microsite
  • Great social media engagement, including:
    • More than 17,000 views on Facebook
    • Average of 2:26 minutes on website product video page
  • Ongoing expansion to meet marketing needs for new ranges of organic products
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