Finding the fitting flavour

Strategy, Branding, Design & creativity, Retail materials, Advertising, Positioning, Deployment

Within the context of an established visual framework that provided limited creative license, our challenge was to reposition our client's brand and product line-up. Slotting into a predefined process, we carefully balanced consideration for our client's extensive Canadian market research with creative inspiration parsed from marketplace trends in Quebec and the rest of Canada to formulate enticing, cohesive and appropriate branding improvements.

Refresh existing branding and build trustworthiness with happy visuals reflecting the magic of childhood imagination within a refined product category system.

Our tactics

  • Find creative leeway within an existing brand and process framework
  • Breathe new life into existing brand positioning
  • Capitalize on parenting and food trends specific to both Quebec and the rest of Canada
  • Leverage extensive, valuable market research
  • Build love and trust with refined visuals
  • Development of branding and brand book
Mere poule iphone website
Mere poule spoons with product
Mère poule laptop with imagery Mère poule product cups
Mere poule print design Mere poule print design
Mere poule branding car
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Mère poule agriculture sheep Mère poule agriculture hen
Mère poule agriculture carrots