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FMS Fresh Produce

FMS Fresh Produce

Harvesting growth

Providing the framework to reap the rewards of rapid expansion with a complete corporate and product revamp

FMS Fresh Produce Overview

Harness exponential growth by simplifying business structures and implementing a cohesive corporate / product branding framework.

What we did

Strategy, Marketing, Branding, Website, Content, Campaigns, Evolution

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Exponential growth is a dream come true. But it can also cause businesses to grow disjointedly and sow the seeds for future trouble. The central challenge was to harness our client's run-away momentum and create a solid framework for sustained success while promoting their notoriety and market share in a highly competitive business sector.

Our goal was to give enticing structure to both the company itself (to enable new partnerships with producers, wholesalers and distributors) and to their brand offering (to create an attractive, cohesive, recognizable line of products to drive sales). These challenges had to be met while embracing evolving environmental standards and the public's desire for reduced packaging / waste.


We supplemented a thorough review of our client's insight and business plan with extensive market research, analyses of market trends and customer surveys to gauge brand perceptions. We proposed corporate reorganization to better align our client's wide variety of activities and strengths. In parallel, we implemented engaging, tone-setting corporate and product branding with long-term appeal, and rolled out positioning for target business to business (B2B) and business to consumer (B2C) sectors.


The core of our strategy was to channel the exceptional energy and skills of the second-generation leaders in a strong family business. It hinged on careful re-organization, cohesive rebranding and a complete restructuring plan to create clearly segmented units with dedicated service offerings.


  • Rename, rebrand company
  • Redesign website
  • Creation of B2B and B2C product line identities and messaging
  • Creation of personas
  • Creation of sales tools, including: Presentations, sales sheets, price lists, product offerings
  • Creation and implementation of marketing and sales force activities
  • Creation of marketing initiatives for associations and conventions (e.g. booth, promotional materials, etc.)
  • Public relations
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More than


new products in supermarkets

Creation of a strategic alliances with regional producers (including organic farms)

Creation of strategic alliances with regional producers (including organic farms)

Significant increase in produce output and farmed land

Added efficiency with streamlined mechanisms of distribution

More than 20 new products in supermarkets

Expansion into organic produce, and the launch of a new branding for multiple SKUs

Research and development of added-value products and functions to meet the needs and keep up to date with trends in the fresh produce industry.

B2B and B2C brand positioning and ecosystem

Consumers are increasingly interested in healthy local produce which are the heart of our client's offering. We sought to strengthen the visibility of FMS Fresh to better target the hotel, restaurant and institutional market (HRI), wholesalers and food transformation chains, while extending our client's geographical reach. As the company branched into B2C, Comunika created a brand ecosystem rooted in their solid existing reputation, highlighting freshness and the family-run nature of the Quebec business.

NEW IDENTITY: Deployment and activation

With the FMS Fresh brand completely redefined, a revamped website became an obvious and essential component for this multi-phase initiative. With “clarity”, “fresh appeal” and “ease of use” top of mind, we created a web environment that provides multiple audiences with seamless access to all the information they require, about: the company, marketing and sales, produce, and tasty, seasonally-inspired new recipes! Comunika created a range of supporting materials and a booth for tradeshow events, such as the Canadian Produce Marketing Association's (CPMA) meetings.

Packaging: B2B and B2C


Core themes reflected in our B2B packaging include freshness, local sourcing, affordability, expertise, professionalism, certification and pride. These were the central findings from a detailed study of consumer preferences and habits, allowing us to align our strategy and tactics.


B2C packaging was grounded in the concepts of ”back to nature”, tradition and healthy harvests. It reflects consumer desire for reduced packaging / plastics and current movements in the Canadian and American agri-food industry. Comunika also facilitated certifications, including EcoCert and Aliments Québec.

Our next produce adventure? Development of value-added products!